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The Human Art of Networking: Your ‘Why’ Matters

Why do you do what you do?
Professionally speaking this is a critical question. An honest answer might be “the money” or “It’s what mom always wanted.” Thankfully we can have more than one honest answer to this question.
What would a professionally prudent answer sound like? Most likely, it would be some variation of “I like to help people.” Or, if you are truly committed – “I REALLY like to help people.”
While these responses are acceptable, and perhaps even honest, they communicate nothing of substance.
Every time we share our ‘why’ we are trying to:
  • differentiate ourselves,
  • make ourselves memorable, and
  • communicate trustworthiness.
General statements of ‘why’ will never suffice.
The only way accomplish the task is through the power of stories. This podcast identifies several examples of this in action. I hope you enjoy it!



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