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The Human Art of Networking: Know your Power Stories

Your Power Stories are the most powerful marketing and networking tools at your command. Mastering and learning to deliver them should be your highest priority.

Power Stories answer the biggest and most common questions in our networking interactions. The shift, from giving a typically meaningless and generic response, to sharing a story that captivates and inspires is a shift that will change how you feel about yourself and how you are perceived by others. It is a change that will carry you confidently in the direction of your success.

Key #1: Discover Your Power Stories

Your Power Stories are the anecdotes that answer all the common questions relating to your professional life. These include:

  • Defining Moments – Past events that meaningfully informed who you are today.
  • The Catalyst – The moment that led you into your current role.© APEX Professional Development Network, 2014 5
  • The Foundation Story – How your business came to be.
  • Success Stories – There are many successes: client, business, relational.
  • Future Vision – The story of your inevitable success!
  • Phoenix Stories – Recovering from failure.

The APEX Power Story curriculum is designed to guide you through the process of selecting and sharing the stories that represent who you are at your very best.

Key #2: Recognize Your Openings

We are constantly being asked for stories. Sadly, we rarely recognize the openings.

“So, tell me about yourself.” “Tell about your company.” “How’s it going?” “What do you do?” “How’d you get into that line of work?”

Each of these questions is a wide open opportunity to make a permanent, positive impression. But how do most people respond? Unmemorably. Recognize these openings for the gifts they are, and respond masterfully!

Key #3: Share!

Forget the term ‘public speaking’. There is only conversation. Sometimes it’s one on one. Sometimes it’s in front of a crowd. But it is always conversation.

It’s your time to share. You can’t go wrong. It’s your story.

With practice, you’ll soon find that sharing real experiences that have impacted your life comes easily. You’ll also find that your audience is far more interested in what you have to say. Once you begin sharing you’ll soon find yourself a hub of networking activity.


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