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The Human Art of Networking: Gift 5 Support

Support comes in many forms. And all of them are beneficial to both the supported and the provider. Three forms stand out as being immediately applicable and actionable:

  • Be Encouraging
  • Generate (or Co-Generate) Ideas
  • Find or Create Opportunities

Encouragement can simply be a smile, a persistent optimism, a reminder of the good things that have happened when challenges arise. Encouragement is a constant state of being that some are more inclined to, but which everyone can learn!

 Generating Ideas is an excellent way to help others see a bigger picture and a broader spectrum of directions and outcomes. You can generate ideas on your own. But generally it is most valuable if you find time to brainstorm together.

 Finding and Creating Opportunities is an aspect of focus. If you develop a habit of seeking opportunities to connect others, you will come across numerous chances to do so.

 Being a supportive professional makes you deeply desirable as a networking partner. Be encouraging, Generate ideas and Create opportunities to build your way to the pinnacle of networking success.



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