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The Human Art of Networking: Creating Sticky Impressions

Leaving a positive and lasting impression should be the desire of every business professional. Doing so requires both attitude and action.
The attitude: Passion
The action: Storytelling
Passion should be a non-negotiable. Passion is what inspires and attracts clients and partners. Passion is what justifies taking someone’s time (a piece of life) to discuss your product or service.
Even if you have remind yourself or create a reason to be passionate about your work…do it. There is no sense to work otherwise.
Once you have identified your passionate purpose, clarify and solidify it with stories.
Stories transfer experience and memory from one to another. To speak in stories is to speak in the way the mind listens. Stories are fundamental to human understanding. Embrace them.
The best stories to tell are those that fuel your professional passion – success stories, foundation stories, your own catalyst story.
Find your passion, share the stories that fuel that passion, and reap the long term reward that comes from creating sticky impressions.
Robert Killen, founder
Apex Professional Development Network

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