This page is dedicated to the tools and resources we use in our business. We want to make sure we share these resources with you, so come back often as we will be updating this page with new tools regularly.


  • ANIMOTO – Create dynamic videos in minutes with this awesome video creation tool.


  • BOOMERANG – Have emails boomerang back into your email, when you are ready to work them. Great efficiency tool.


  • READ IT FOR ME – Read it for me has changed the way I consume information. I am an avid reader and wish I had the time to read all the new business books. Read it for me is a book summary service which allows me to understand the concepts and main points of a book. They provide video, pdf, and workbooks for each book. This is a great service and I highly recommend it if you are looking to expand your knowledge about business.
  • IRSPODCAST – The IRS has a FAQ podcast, which has a ton of audio files to help answer your questions about your taxes.
  • IRS ON YOUTUBE – The IRS also has a YOUTUBE channel designed to help you answer tax related questions.


  • WORDPRESS – This free blogging platform is designed for easy use, and it is very customizable. Most shared hosting platforms allow you to install wordpress easily
  • OPTIMIZE PRESS – Optimizepress is a premium wordpress theme that is worth its weight in gold. If you want to set up a sales page, or run a blog Optimizepress will allow you to do this very easily. This theme is also very easy to customize, no need to learn how to code here.


  • BLUEHOST – All our websites are run off of Bluehost, in my opinion the have been the most reliable hosting I have used in all my years online. Bluehost has a one click install of WordPress which allows me to be up and running in minutes instead of days.


  • AWEBER – I have used a couple services for managing my email lists, and Aweber has been the best. They have a very easy and intuitive set up. They have great support as well as a step by step tutorial on how to start your first newsletter.
  • MAILCHIMP –  I have not used this one as much because I like the back end of aWebber better
  • CONSTANT CONTACT – I like this auto responder because you can enter contacts in your auto responder one at a time, or have them sign up on your sight. Also gives you the ability to make dynamic newsletters.


  • KINGSOFT OFFICE – This free office software will allow you to run What Counts. Get your copy of What Counts and Kingsoft today for Free.