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Is Life Tossing You Around Like Rag Doll?


Are you living your life in your feelings, through your beliefs, or by conviction?


Are you living by conviction? If not you might be drifting through life based on your emotions. How do you know? In this episode Scott and Brad discuss the difference between feelings, beliefs, and convictions.


If you are living your life through your feelings, you are probably drifting on auto pilot. Feelings and emotions often make us sway from extreme behavior to extreme behavior, because we have nothing to ground us. If you feel like your moving through life like a rag doll, you might be living here.


If you are living your life through your beliefs, you should have more focus, and your behavior will be in alignment with your beliefs. Aligning our behavior and beliefs will allow for more stabilization in your life.


Convictions are deeply engrained beliefs attached to strong emotions. Convictions are unwavering, and sometimes turn into a life’s purpose. You find convictions where someone has evidence that supports 100% that the conviction is true. An example would be the parents of a teen killed by a drunk driver. There is nothing in this world that will convince those parents drinking and driving is OK.

At any given moment of your life you can be in one of these states. Watch out for impulsive behavior, and living by your feelings. This is short term satisfaction that can lead to destructive behavior.

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