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Choices and Outcomes: Value Based Decision Making


“Inability to make decisions is one of the principal reasons executives fail. Deficiency in decision-making ranks much higher than lack of specific knowledge or technical know-how as an indicator of leadership failure.”

~John Maxwell


Being able to make decisions is a key factor in becoming a successful leader. A leader who waivers in their decision making will quickly plateau in their business development. In this episode we discuss several examples of leaders who grew successful businesses, and those who plateaued. We also discuss a framework for making decisions that will help you grow in your leadership role.

3 Steps to making decisions:

  1. Make value based decisions. It is important to have a filter to measure your decisions against. Knowing the things you value most, and not compromising your integrity when making decisions is the most important part of effective decision making. Being in integrity is aligning your decision making up with your values. If you decision does not align with your values you will feel it in the form of guilt, and stress. Your body will tell you when your decision making is out of integrity.
  2. Make a lot of decisions. Brad discussed finding a manager who believed that the most important part of his position was making decision. His manager always wanted him to make decisions, and then review the decision after it was completed. This did 2 things. It got him in the habit of making decisions, and over time it brought those decisions closer and closer to the optimal decision.
  3. Reflect on the decisions you make. Reflection allows you to rehash your decisions, and make sure they align with your integrity, and the rules of the system you are making the decision for. Each day list out the decisions you made that day and quickly run them through the filters in your mind. You can always change direction if you find your out of alignment. The worst thing you can do is continue down the path and be emotionally invested in the decision if it was wrong.

Remember growth happens when you step outside your comfort zone, stretch yourself to make better decisions, and have a great and inspired day!!!!

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