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Choices and Outcomes: Gratitude Silences Frustration


Gratitude Silences Frustration ~ Tony Robbins


Happy Thanksgiving, today we gather with family, and ponder about what we are grateful for. The above quote serves as a reminder to be grateful every day.  Stress can be all consuming, and sometimes we find ourselves in a position of being controlled by the circumstances of our lives. Gratitude, even for just the little things, can serve as a reminder that nothing in our life is permanent.

Here are a few steps to take build the habit of being grateful.


Take a few moments to be with your thoughts. Meditation can be done in both silence, or with relaxing music. Mediation or reflection is a great way to just be still, and not think. This will open up space for gratitude.


Journaling has been done for hundreds and even thousands of years.  Journaling is the process of getting your thoughts out of your head and onto paper. This also serves as a great way to reflect on your daily, weekly, and monthly thought patterns.  Injecting what you are grateful for in your journaling will ensure you spend 5 – 15 min daily to reflect on what you are grateful for.


Spending 15 minutes each day talking to yourself about what you are grateful for is invaluable. We believe what we continuously think about. If you take 15 min per day to affirm what you are grateful for, you will find you will find more peace in your daily activities.


Chunking is the process of changing what you focus on. When a stressful event happens, instead of focusing on the event, talk to yourself about how that event fits into your life as a whole. Moving away from the immediate stress in your head creates space between you and the problem. When you fill that space with gratitude you will find your stress to reduce dramatically.

Happy Thanksgiving, I hope our thoughts help you, please leave your questions or comments in the comments section. We appreciate you listening to our show!!!!!

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