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Choices and Outcomes: Building Self-Confidence


“The counterfeit innovator is wildly self-confident, the real one is scared to death” ~ Steven Pressfield


We are all confident in some aspect of our lives. Think about what brought you confidence in that area. I would argue that education, practice, and application is what developed that confidence. There are those people in the world that have skills that allow them to seem naturally confident in everything they do. The other 99% of use have to work hard to be confident.

The question is how do we take confidence in one area of our live and transmit it into other parts of our world?

Here are a few ideas to help you find and develop confidence in all areas of your life:

Practice Practice Practice

There is a reason professional athletes practice way more than they perform. If you want to get better at some area of your life, practice by yourself. There is no pressure when you are alone. Most people don’t practice because it is uncomfortable, however practice will increase your performance exponentially.

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable

“Growth happens when you get out of your comfort zone.” This is true in any environment you can think of. In science they call it homeostasis. When an environment reaches a balance. For any amount of change to happen you have to disrupt the status quo, in order to create a different balance in your life.

The more often you disrupt your personal status quo, the quicker you will feel comfortable about uncomfortable situations. This can be as little as driving a different route to work to performing a speech in front of a large audience of strangers. Mix things up in your life, and I guarantee when you have to deal with a larger discomfort you will have the skills to handle it better.

Learn a new skill

This will put you in discomfort, because when learning something new we are not the best. By learning a new skill, you open yourself up to the learning process. You look at things differently, as you have to understand how something works. You also have to experience failure, and awkwardness.

Learning a new skill will help you cope with the fear of failure. No one likes to fail, but if we put our selves in uncomfortable situations we can learn how to fail forward, and not let it define us.

Good Luck and let us know what new skills you are learning!!

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