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35: Searching for the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Michael Lambros and Okon Udosenata are the owners of Global Delights Coffee Roasters. Their art is making coffee, and they’re in the search of the perfect cup.

Michael is a chef by trade, and has a passion for being an artist. He started with one kiosk, and has expanded into a roastery.

Okon started hanging out in coffee shops and then became a barista. He experimented roasting coffee in a BBQ on his patio, and has developed into a Master Roaster.

Their vision for Global Delights Coffee Roasters is to create a café, that provides the perfect symphony of sights, sounds, and taste.

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“Become the Artist of Life” ~ Bruce Lee

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  1. Jocelyn says:

    Brad thanks for sharing and hepping local businesses be heard about their success stories.

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