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28: Jarl Berg: Owner of Yeti Social

Jarl grew up living and breathing everything skiing. Jarl’s family owns local small business Berg’s Ski Shop. He started learning about digital media when he built a website for the family business.

Needing a cheap way to communicate with his fiancé in Germany, Jarl started learning how to use social tools like chat rooms, and social networks. He soon realized the marketing power of the tools he was using.

Freelancing for awhile, he helped small businesses learn to use social media as a marketing platform. Now he owns his own Social Media, and Web Marketing Company.

This family man, ex-ski bum, is creating a very successful small business in our community.

Are you ready to GET INSPIRED!!

Inspirational Quote

“Carpe Diem”

Current Business

  • Jarl is the owner of Yeti Social

Small Business Resource

  • His headphones to be able to stay focused and block out external noises.

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