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27: Michael Clement: Owner of Puddle Jumper Towing

Michael and his Son went into business because his son had a health challenge and had to change his career path. Neither knew anything about the industry when they started. Both brought their experiences in different industries. Michael spent his youth working with heavy equipment, and spent a large part of his professional career as a business consultant.

There business provides 24 hour towing services in Springfield, Eugene, and the surrounding areas. They work with all insurance companies, and provide prompt professional service.

“Every plan is perfect, until it meets reality.” ~ Michael Clement

Plan for success, business mistakes according to Michael Clement:

  • You can’t grow your business unless you are not the one working in it. Be a business owner, and not the technician of your business.
  • Extend your runway, and position yourself for success. Pay down debt, reduce your living expenses, and plan for not having an income for at least 1 year.
  • Plan for the worst. Michael and his Son had a key employee pass away during their journey. He says businesses need to plan for the worst, so their business can survive when catastrophes happens.

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Inspirational Quote

“When you throw a stone into a pond, the water only and always reacts equal to the pressure put on it. Nothing more and nothing less”

Current Business

  • Michael is one of the owners of Puddle Jumper Towing

Small Business Resource

  • If you can’t get it done in 15 min you should not be doing it. Michael chunks activities in 15 min increments, and he finds he is more productive.
  • He took a seminar a few years ago with Steven Covey. What he learned has shaped his business.

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