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18: Shannon Oliver Co-Founder of Red Duck Ketchup

While finishing up her MBA at The University of Oregon, Shannon and two other partners started Red Duck Ketchup.

Red Duck Ketchup was just one of a few food ideas like Chocolate Ice Cream with French Fries in it. It made the cut, because of their experience with ketchup from other countries.

Red Duck Ketchup is known for their sleek red duck, on bright colored shirts.

Red Duck Ketchup likes to engage their tribe in a unique way. Listen to this episode and learn their philosophy on branding, and marketing their food business.

Are you ready to GET INSPIRED!!!

Inspirational Quote

“Get Stuff Done”

“Worry less about changing or fixing everything, and more about just do something” ~ anonymous

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Co Founder of Red Duck Ketchup

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  • Networking

Most Inspirational Book

Ted Talks


Let my people go surfing ~Yvon Chouinard

Raising the Barr the Story of Cliff Barr ~ Gary Erickson and Lois Lorentzen

Mission in a Bottle The story of Honesty ~ Goldman, Seth, Nalebuff, Barry 


Between a Rock and a Hard Place ~ Aron Ralston

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind ~ William Kamkwamba


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