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09: Greg Ahlijian: Author of “The Large Rock and the Little Yew”

Greg is an artist and an author, who has raised over $62,000 for the children at Jasper Mountain. He wrote the book “The Large Rock and the Little Yew,” and all the proceeds from the book go to benefit children in our community. This is the project the funds are going toward:

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“A great moral hidden just under the surface of a fascinating tale of confidence and perseverance”

“Life chooses you, you cant decide what happens but you can make it the best you can, there is no reason to give up. This book taught me valuable lessons and its understandable.”

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“There is honor in meeting and overcoming life’s challenges” – Greg Ahlijian

“The value of reaching a goal or understanding is directly proportional to time energy and effort spent” – Greg Ahlijian

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