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05: Mike Pungercar: South Willamette Valley Honor Flight

Mike Pungercar helps honor WWII Veterans by taking them on a trip to Washington DC to tour all of the war monuments but most importantly the WWII monument. Check out this video:

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“A man must know his limitations” – Clint Eastwood

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  • Mike Pungercar is the Director of the South Willamette Valley Honor Flight program.

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  1. Vernon C. Thompson says:

    I was honored to go on that flight in May 2013 an felt so humbled with that honor. I know that was the first time any one ever thanked me or wanted to know about my thirty two months straight I sailed in the Pacific Ocean behind the 3rd & 5th fleet. Thank Mike Pungercar for giving up his retirement for all these old men that thought they were forgotten.

    • says:

      Thank you for your service Vernon! We appreciate all you did and all you do today. God Bless!

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