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Choices and Outcomes: Finding Your Purpose Part 1

Without a purpose you are just drifting through life. Blowing around with your circumstances. By clearly defining your purpose in life, you will be able to build beliefs and behaviors to support your life goals.

It is easy to see the need for purpose, however it is hard to develop a practice that will allow you to live your purpose. So how is it done?

Everyone travels their own path when it comes to answering the question “Why am I here?” To claim either Scott or Myself know that answer is prosperous. No one knows why they are here, or what the meaning of life is. There are some strong guesses, and support for their hypothesis.

What Scott and I share in this episode is our experience finding our own purpose. It is an introduction to Finding Your Purpose, and in the next episode we will discuss actionable steps you can take to get your purpose down on paper, and start working toward a life worth living.


“Cherish your vision and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievement” ~Napoleon Hill


What do you believe? Find out by answering the following questions, and building more questions to help you shape your understanding

Who am I?

God is?

My responsibilities are?

My Mother is?

My Father is?

My Kids are?

My job is?

My life is?

My friends are?

My house is?

You can make a belief question our of anything in your life. Just write down the first thing that pops in your mind. Try not to filter, and be honest about your beliefs. You can not shape your behaviors if you are not honest about your beliefs.


Think and Grow Rich ~ Napoleon Hill

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