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01: Brad McKinney: Welcome to Inspire Eugene Podcast

Brad McKinney is the host of Inspire Eugene. 3 years ago I had the idea for inspire Eugene. Unfortunately I did not have the confidence to put myself out there as the voice of a podcast.

About a year ago I got the opportunity to produce the technical side of another podcast. And little by little I overcame my limiting beliefs, because I started to put together small podcast episodes.

And about 6 months ago I sat down and went through a process to figure out what I want in life. Specifically I asked myself the question, “How is my current career making me feel?” and then I followed up with “How do I want it to make me feel?” and Holly Cow the answer hit me like a ton of bricks. I finally had clarity, I have to own my own business, and build something that makes me feel (Creative, inspired, accomplished, and free from bureaucracy).

Inspirational Quote

  • ‘“Eliminate Numerical Quotas including management by objective” – W. Edward Deming

Current Business

  • Brad McKinney is the host of Inspire Eugene, and an insurance agent with American National Insurance.

Small Business Resource

  • – This app allows me to listen to books at x3 instead of reading them
  • Podcast App – for Iphone as it allows me to listen to podcasts on the go.

Most Inspirational Book

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